Package A is designed for small businesses and start ups. We know the common denominator with every small business is a limited budget for advertising and marketing, but there is an even bigger need to develop a foundation to build the business upon. So we assembled a bundle to satisfy both needs to get your business off the ground.

Package B is designed for small and medium size businesses that have developed a solid customer base, but growth may have stagnated. We have learned this is when businesses become reluctant advertisers. They have built a solid customer base and would rather not take on the risk of investing in advertising because it may not work, but if they stay the course, referrals may make the difference.

We agree that referrals are an excellent source of additional business, so we recommend this package as a complimentary and affordable way to jump start sales and put businesses back on track towards increased profitability while the referral strategy builds momentum.

Package C is designed for businesses of all sizes with a sizable advertising and marketing budget to execute a layered marketing strategy. This is a free form package that is based on a thorough consultation. In addition to the products and services offered in Package “A” and Package “B”, we may also include any of the following in our marketing strategies: