Follow-Up Pro

Sales CRM’s and marketing automation have become the preferred methods for businesses of all sizes in recent years. They help define effectiveness and manage efficiency. Yet, there are times when simpler is better. Follow-Up Pro is your simpler solution to compliment any CRM. Follow-Up Pro is a content rich formatted email with endless possibilities like just saying thank you, or following up on a proposal you sent out. We all enjoy the personal attention and Follow-Up Pro brings it back into the sale’s process.

Thousands of unique HD quality images are available in the Follow-Up Pro library. Add your personalized message to an image of your choosing and press send. It’s the perfect way to nudge a prospective client, thank an existing one, or to just say thank you and put a smile on your client’s face.

Interested in specializing it even further? Embed your company’s very own video into the email that is viewable on virtually every device and email server. Follow-Up Pro is not the replacement for CRM’s, but rather the perfect compliment when a short, sweet, and fun note is the perfect fit!