Direct Mail Marketing

Direct mail has long been a tried and true approach to sharing a marketing message with a highly targeted audience. Unfortunately in today’s digital age, it is much more difficult to reach your target audience with so much more added noise.

Enter direct mail 2.0. Pair your mail piece with a targeted display ad online. Pique their interest with the mail piece and drive home your marketing message with the online display ad when they go online to research your product or services.

With years of experience creating successful direct mail campaigns for small businesses and quality mailing lists that ensure your bulk mail reaches only the most qualified prospects, we provide proven results.

GMS Digital Marketing’s direct mail marketing programs are an excellent compliment to most advertising campaigns.


Hundreds of templates have been created for most occasions, including prospecting cards, invitations, announcements, and reminders. Have a unique need? We can create a solution to suit.

Our goal is to help organize your events and provide outstanding creative themes that will increase conversion and your return on investment – all while significantly reducing ad spend, saving thousands of wasted advertising dollars.