You’ve heard you need a social media presence. You know you need a Facebook page, but haven’t had the time to build it. Even if you had one, how does a Facebook page for businesses all work? GMS Digital Marketing can build your page and help you manage it. Do you want to learn how to manage your page, we can help with that too!

How can your Facebook presence improve your current advertising? We’ll present your business with a professional Facebook presence with its own unique Facebook URL. Then we will develop a strategy to promote your page and share your marketing messages with your followers in all forms digitally.


With video content dominating the online environment, it has become increasingly more important to promote your business via video throughout the internet. One of these places is YouTube. YouTube gained extraordinary popularity several years ago following its sale to Google. As a Google property, YouTube’s content is promoted heavily in Google search results. We will build a YouTube channel for your business and assist in developing its content.


LinkedIn is to the business world what Facebook is to the private sector. It has become the defacto networking tool for individuals and businesses when work related topics are discussed. This makes it a very good place to expose your business. We develop business profiles separated from your individual business profile to develop a network of influencers and referrals over time.


In recent years Google has jumped head first into all elements of digital interaction and engagement leveraging their success in the search engine world. Google+ is their latest success. Google+ is unlike any other social media network. It is the glue that holds the Google elements together. As such, Google+ is a significant part of any business’ social presence. We work with our clients to make sure it is built with all the right information in the right places to take advantage of Google indexing power.


See what’s happening right now. Find community, conversation and inspiration about things you love. Create a community, join industry specific conversations and share what makes your company unique. If Facebook is your brochure with the social media world, Twitter is your conversation with the world. Together they make for an excellent combination with the ability to share posts back and forth. GMS Digital Marketing can build your page, develop a strategy on how to use it and help you manage it. Do you want to learn how to manage your page, we can help with that too!

73% of users feel better about a SMB after following and reading it’s Tweets*

*Customer Insight Study. Twitter + DB5, 2014

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