Streaming Audio


Online radio is extremely popular as nearly every radio station now offers listeners the opportunity to listen to an online “stream” of the broadcast via their computer or mobile device.

This presents a unique opportunity for you to fill that gap with your streaming audio ad. Statistics show that online listeners stay tuned to the same station for longer durations, ensuring that you are speaking to a captivated audience. Your ad will not only be listened to, but be heard.

iHeart Streaming Radio


Throughout iHeartRadio’s live stations, streaming audio replaces on-air commercials. Your audio ad is featured during a commercial break and a varied spot length (15, 30 or 60 seconds) allows strategized delivery of your brand’s messaging. Once the audio has streamed, a customized visual companion ad allows for even further engagement.

Online streams often do not broadcast the same advertisements as the ones you hear over the air. From live and custom radio to activity-based listening, music discovery and news, talk and sports, iHeartRadio gives users more of what they want across multiple devices.